Ellinikes Soupes (Greek Soups)

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~ Greek and Cypriot soups are made today as they where made hundreds of years ago.
~ These soups are purely national and the ingredients used are either cereals or Greek milk products such as Trahanas.
~ Soups in Greece, Cyprus and the Islands are quite popular and they can be served at any time during the day or night.
~ They can be a meal or they can be served before meal, especially in the cold winter days.
~ Some of these popular Greek soups are:


~ Avgolemono (Rice, Egg and Lemon Soup)

~ Chortosoupa (Vegetable Soup)

~ Fakes Ksithates (Lentil Soup with Vinegar)

~ Fasolatha (Dry Beans in tomato sauce)

~ Kakavia (Κακαβια) (Greek Fishermen Soup)

~ Mageritsa (Easter Soup)

~ Psarosoupa (Fish Soup)

~ Revithia Soupa (Chick Pea Soup)

~ Soupa Louvana (Yellow Pea Soup)

~ Soupa Tomatas (Tomato Soup)

~ Tahinosoupa (Tahini Soup)

~ Trachanas (Dried Wheat in Yogurt)

~ Parathosiaki Soupa Patsas (Greek Traditional Tripe Soup)

~ Yiouvarlakia Avgolemono Greek Version (Egg/Lemon Soup with Meatballs)

~ Yiouvarlakia Cyprus Version (Avgolemono with meatballs)

Mageiritsa Soup (Î�αγειÏ�ίÏ�Ï�α)


Beef soup with veggies

Beef Soup


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