Kokoras Krasatos (Rooster in Wine Sauce)

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Vemma Nutrition for a Lifetime
~ Ingredients:

~ 1 package macaroni N5
~ A cock in portions (about 2 pounds)
~ A cup of red dry wine
~ 1/2 cup olive oil
~ 2 cans tomatoes in juice
~ 4 fresh ripe tomatoes peeled and graded
~ 1 onion finely chopped
~ 2 cloves garlic grated
~ 1 cinnamon stick
~ 4-5 pepper corns
~ 2 bay leaves
~ A pinch of sugar
~ 1 cup of grated cheese (mizithra)
~ Salt to taste 
Î�Ï�κοÏ�αÏ� Ï�αÏ�Ï�ιÏ�Ï�άδα

Kerkiraiki Pastitsatha
Is the same as Rooster in Wine
Sauce but adding 1-2 more onions
and no bay leaves.


~ Wash the rooster under plenty of running water and cut in serving pieces.
~ Pour the olive oil in a pan, heat up and sauté the portions of the meat well on all sides.
~ Add the garlic and chopped onion and give them a turn or two.
~ Add the wine, wait for 3-4 minutes for the alcohol to evaporate; otherwise the food will be a little bitter.
~ Then add all the spices and herbs, add the can tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, and 1 cup of hot water or until it covers the meat.
~ Stir all ingredients to mix well.
~ Cover the pan with a lid and simmer for 1 1/2 - 2 hours on low heat to thicken the sauce.
~ Boil pasta in abundant salted water and drain.
~ Sprinkle the pasta with some olive oil and mix well.
~ Serve pasta in individual plates or in a platter.
~ Sprinkle with some grated cheese.
~ Serve rooster serving pieces with the sauce in a separate plate.
~ Serve some dry grated cheese on the side.
~ Good luck and bon appétit.