Glika & Marmelathes (Spoon Sweets & Marmalades)

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~ The Gliko tou Koutaliou (Fruit Preserves or Spoon Sweets) is prepared from fruits or even small vegetables like eggplants, carrots or almonds cooked in syrup.
~ In Cyprus, Greece and the Islands the Gliko tou Koutaliou (Fruit Preserves) is found in every house which is the first thing to be offered to the guest whoever that may be.
~ The Cypriot and Greek housewives were taught by their mothers in their early age the secrets of how to prepare the Gliko tou Koutaliou (Fruit Preserves).
~ The tradition still continues to our days.
~ Cyprus and Greece produce all kind of fruits like cherries, apples, pears, grapes, quinces, oranges and so many others.
~ The housewives can pick and choose which of the fruit they want to prepare and make their Gliko tou Koutaliou (Fruit Preserve).
~ In the other hand from the same choices of fruits, Marmalades-Jams can be made or created.
~ Marmalathes (Marmalades) are vary essential in our lives because they are part of our morning Breakfast and the basic ingredient for some homemade Keiks (Cakes) and Greek Desserts.
~ From such as great choice we selected some recipes which the ingredients, we believe you can find wherever you happen to live and it will be to your liking. 


~ Gliko Fraoula (Strawberry Preserve)

~ Gliko Karpouzi (Watermelon Peel Preserve)

~ Gliko Karithaki (Walnut Preserve)

~ Gliko Kastano (Chestnut Preserve)

~ Gliko Kithoni (Quince Preserve)

~ Gliko Pergamonto (Bergamot Peel Preserve)

~ Kithoni Trifto (Grated Quince Preserve)

~ Γλυκο Πορτοκαλι (Orange Peel Preserve)
Γλυκο Σταφυλι (Grape Preserve)


~ Κυδωνοπαστο (Quince Paste)

~ Marmelatha Axlathi (Pear Jam)

~ Marmelatha Berikoko (Apricot Jam)

~ Marmelatha Fraoulas (Strawberry Jam)

~ Marmelatha Karpouzi (Homemade Watermelon Jam)

~ Marmelatha Kithoni (Quince Jam)
~ Marmelatha Portokali (Orange Jam)

~ Marmelatha Rothakino (Homemade Peach Jam)
~ Μαρμελαδα Ντοματας (Homemade Tomato Jam)
~ Marmelatha Syko (Homemade Fig Jam)
Marmelade Collection